Rent A House In Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey, you should keep in mind that the rent and property prices in Istanbul are higher than in other Turkish cities. There is no mortgage in Turkey, and you do not have to pay a lot of money in advance to rent a house. Instead, you have to pay as much money as a rent in advance if it is without furniture and two rentals if the unit is furnished, that is, if the rent for a single month that you like is 1000 lira, if it is furnished, your should pay 2000 lira and if it is empty, you should pay 1000 lira as a deposit.

It should also be noted that the cost of the real estate commission in renting a house in Turkey is equal to one month of single rent.

The important thing about renting a house in Turkey is that you have to pay the rent every month at the beginning of that month, not at the end.

This means that if you are considering a furnished house with a rent of 2,000 lira, you will have to pay a deposit of 4,000 lira, a property commission of 2,000 lira, and a first-month rent of 2,000 lira at the time of the contract.

This means that you must have a total of 8000 liras with you at the time of concluding the contract, which is worth mentioning that 4000 liras is your deposit money that will be returned to you when the house is vacated.

How To Rent A House In Turkey

You can rent a unit by visiting reputable companies or real estate in Turkey.

After concluding the contract and signing the lease, if you want to apply for residence from the lease, you must renew your contract.

Also in Turkey, the splits (gas, electric and water) are made in the name of the tenant according to the agreement of the parties. After the end of the contract, the tenant can receive his expenses for changing the name of the bills, which is a cost between 1000 and 1500 lira, which after Completion of your lease can receive this fee from the relevant departments.

This change of name removes the liability of the debt from the bills from the previous owner in case of changing its name to the name of the tenant.

You can also apply for tourist accommodation by renting a property in Turkey for one year.

However, according to the applicable laws, this type of residence cannot be extended after one year through renting a property.

Notes on renting a property
  • Before entering the house, be sure to take a video of the furniture and walls of the house in the presence of the homeowner, so that at the end of the contract, you can get your deposit back under the pretext of damaging objects.

  • And do not rent furnished houses as much as possible, because with the extra amount you will pay for the furnished house, you can provide furniture for yourself.

  • When renting a house, ask about the type of heating and its fixtures, because heating and fixtures of some units usually cost more.

  • Carefully check access to public transportation and home location.

  • Make sure you have a residential unit and do not have a document problem, so that your residence will not be a problem, the Immigration Office will not give residence to non-residential units.