Today, buying property in Turkey has attracted the attention of many Iranians, so that every year they have topped the table of buying property in Turkey.

Buying a property and why should we buy a property in Turkey?
  • The first and most important factor in buying property in Turkey is the cheapness of houses compared to Iran and also one of the safest ways to invest foreign currency abroad.

  • In addition, according to the laws in force in Turkey, by buying property in Turkey, you can also receive residence in this country and enjoy the benefits of living in an Asian-European country.

  • The buying process is easy in Turky, in such a way that It is possible to accomplish the process of choosing a house to signing the process document in a week, so it can be said that when you apply for the transfer of the property document, in less than a day the process of transferring the document in your name will be done .

  • Low cost of living compared to European cities and low value of the lira compared to other foreign currencies for Iranians

  • Easy access and proximity to Iran, you can easily travel to Turkey without any restrictions.

  • The high volume of entertainment and activity is one of the lesser-mentioned but still significant reasons for buying property in Turkey

  • High investment profile, Turkey has recently become a global investment center.

  • Many foreign investors, in particular, prefer Turkey for large investments

  • Having a temperate and suitable climate for life that you can enjoy a mild and healthy climate in all seasons.

Property prices in Turkey?

If we want to compare the price of property in Turkey with Iran, it will be cheaper and more reasonable to buy a property in Turkey in any way, since you can buy a property in Turkey with the purchase price of a property in Iran and enjoy the benefits and living conditions in a modern country.

It should be noted that property prices are higher in larger cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya than in other Turkish cities. But in general it can be said that the price of new apartments in the city of Ankara starts from 600 thousand lira, and the price of second-hand apartments that have easy access to the center and public transport means starts from 300 thousand lira.

Also, regarding the price of apartments in Turkey, it can be said that the direction and lighting of the unit as well as the floor of the property will have a great impact on the price of the property. Moreover, in Turkey, the closer the property is to the city center and easy access to shopping malls, schools and public transportation, the higher the price of the property should be expected.

And another thing to consider is the type of house you prefer. Do you prefer a normal apartment or you like to live in a modern tower, because this is important and has a great impact on the price of the property.

Property purchase rules for foreigners

Buying property in Turkey has its own rules, if you are looking to buy a house in Turkey, you should know the necessary rules for buying property in Turkey for foreign nationals. Since you are not acquainted with the laws of Turkey, we suggest that if you have a definite intention to buy a property, be sure to take advantage of our free advice because you will not be able to do all the steps correctly and without violation.

Property purchase laws in Turkey
  • As a foreigner you can not buy more than 10% of the property in the area or in general you can not make up more than 10% of the population of the area

  • Second, as a foreigner, you cannot own a home near a military base

  • Third point, as a foreigner, you can not buy more than 30 hectares of land in Turkey

  • Fourth, you must have a certificate of value for the purchased property

  • Further more, before purchasing a property, you must make sure that the unit has no remaining debt and also be aware of the detailed information

  • Details such as the unit you bought is finished, has no debt to the bank or the seller owns the property or other cases ...

Failure to comply with the following will cancel your contract
  • If the purchased property violates the laws of the Republic of Turkey

  • If the traded property is not approved by the relevant ministry or security organizations

  • No completion of work according to the plan submitted to the relevant ministry

but do not worry

eminellergroup, with its experienced staff and prominent Turkish lawyers, will identify the desired house according to your budget and wishes, and before transferring the money to the seller's account, will check all the rules for buying the property, then will buy the desired property for you, because checking and buying property for foreigners in Turkey is beyond the ability of an ordinary person and it is better to be done by lawyers and law firms. With your trust and your support in this path, you will have a great experience of an easy and safe investment in Turkey.

Costs of buying property in Turkey?
  • The cost of buying a property, in addition to the cost of the property itself, includes the costs of the real estate commission, document transfer, taxes, etc.

  • According to the laws of Turkey, the cost of the real estate commission is 4% of the price of the purchased property, which 2% of the buyer and 2% of the seller must pay.

  • According to the tax laws of Turkey, the cost of transferring a document in Turkey is 4% of the real value of the property, which is either divided equally between the two parties by agreement, or the owner or buyer has agreed to pay it.

  • Tolls and municipal property, which will be paid only once a year, is 0.1% of the actual value of the property to be paid in May.

  • Also, the cost of charging a building in Turkey can vary depending on the property and the neighborhood

  • The cost of transferring branches and internet, which in this case in Turkey, whether you are a property owner or a tenant, you have to name the branches (gas, electricity, water) in your name, which will cost between 1500 and 2500 lira.

Documents required to buy a property in Turkey
  • To buy a property in Turkey, you need a valid passport, along with an official translation approved by the relevant organizations.

  • If you do not live in Turkey, you will need a tax code

  • and 2 biometric photos

  • Property assessment report required

  • Also, if you are not fluent in Turkish, you should have an official translator with you

What points should be considered when buying a property in Turkey?
  • First you have to choose in which city you want to live? For example, the cost of housing and living expenses in Istanbul will be higher than in Ankara

  • The location you choose will have a significant impact on the price of the property

  • How close is the property you are buying to shopping and medical centers?

  • Or is the house you choose an apartment or a villa or an office or a commercial?

  • Do you live in a modern city or a simple residential complex?

  • How close are you to school and kindergarten, sports space and sauna and Jacuzzi or indoor pool and the like?

  • The property you want to buy is located in a growing area?

  • These factors and many other things will have a huge impact on the price of the property you want to buy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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