Buy and sell cars in Turkey

If you are planning to live in Turkey and immigrate to this country, buying a car and knowing the prices of cars in this country is an important issue that you should pay heed. Indeed, buying a car in Turkey is not an investment, and people use it mainly due to their personal needs.

Car Purchase Expenses

There are many different car brands in Turkey, and you can buy your car based on your experience from famous car brands that have active representatives in this country. Before buying a car in Turkey, it is recommended to pay attention to fuel consumption, type of gear and country of production so that you can fortell and manage future costs. Choosing diesel cars with automatic transmission is usually a good choice, diesel cars run on diesel fuel.

Car Insurance Prices

Another cost of buying a car is the issue of insurance, which is traffic insurance, or third party insurance, ans it is mandatory in this country and varies according to the price and model of the car, but body insurance is optional.

km0 car in Turkey

You can easily buy a car directly from the leading companies in Turkey, the variety of car models in this country is very high, the price of the car varies according to currency fluctuations.

Second Hand Car

You can buy second-hand cars in Turkey much cheaper than new and km0 cars. Also, you can buy tax-free cars in Turkey, which are only for foreigners. The interesting thing about this is that you can only sell these cars to foreigners because Turkish people are allowed to buy this type. They do not have cars. When buying a used car, in addition to the usual checks, there are companies in Turkey called Expertise that find possible defects in the car and notify the buyer, so that you can buy the car with more awareness.

Important points for buying a car in Turkey
  • Buying a car in Turkey is not considered like in Iran, and if you want to think of it as an investment in Turkey, you will lose.

  • To buy a car, you must have a residence in Turkey

  • The cost of car repairs and services is relatively high.

  • You can buy cars with foreign car tag, but note that selling these cars is difficult because the buyer must also be foreign.

  • Avoid buying a car that is more than ten years old in Turkey.

  • Ask the seller to settle car taxes and fines.

  • Be sure to transfer your money from your bank account to the seller's account so that it can be tracked later.

  • The purchased car must be registered in the traffic registration offices within three months from the date of purchase.

  • Vehicles that have a blue license tag and have a registration number (MA / MZ), ie Yabanji license tag are exempt from tax, the validity of this license and license tag is given with your Kimlik credit, if the person's Turkish residence card is not renewed and you use this license plate, there will be a fine for the person.

  • You have to pay the road tax, which is annual

Driver's license in Turkey

You can drive in Turkey with an international license for up to 6 months. But after 6 months, you must get a Turkish certificate, Emin Eller Group can help you get a Turkish certificate.

Car rental in Turkey

In Turkey, it is also possible to rent a car on a daily, monthly basis, which is very suitable for people who live in Turkey for a monthly basis due to their work or business, or who live in Turkey in general, because you can rent a car at the lowest price. Moreover, the quality of Turkish cars is not comparable to other neighboring countries, and the latest cars are used for rent.

Required documents for renting a car in Turkey
  • Original and copy of the certificate image

  • Original and copy of International Certificate image

  • Copy of passport image