Who is a citizen and what is citizenship?

Citizen is one of those terms that we use almost every day, but we seldom think about its meaning. Whenever, there is a discussion on this subject, the discussion is confined to a series of general definitions and implications of theology, and finally to a handful of historical discussions. But who is a citizen at all? Citizenship is an identity situation that regulates one's relationship not only with other members of society, but also with institutions of power.

Citizenship has four basic elements; The first pillar is membership and belonging; That is, I am accepted as a part of a society and I belong to it. The second pillar is rights; When I become a member of a community, I get paid. The third pillar is the duties and responsibilities I have towards society; And the last pillar is participation. I am actively involved in promoting personal and group life, as well as promoting community values

Towards global citizenship

These rights encompass the right to security for all, the right to public education, the right to welfare and civilized life (welfare above the minimum wage) and the right to development of all these.

It should be noted here that citizenship should not be misunderstood with residence in Turkey.

It is necessary to mention briefly in these cases that Turkish citizenship means that you have obtained the citizenship or citizenship of Turkey by obtaining the methods that we will explain in the following short article and have all their real and legal possibilities in Turkey and are like a Turkish citizen. Living in Turkey, but staying in Turkey means that you can stay in Turkey for a period of time determined by the government for the actions you have taken in Turkey, which can be extended every year depending on the conditions and situation of the people. In this case, you will also be considered a foreigner.

Methods for Turkish citizenship
  • Turkish citizenship through investment

  • Turkish citizenship by bank deposit

  • Turkish citizenship through marriage

  • Turkish citizenship through entrepreneurship and employment of 50 Turkish workers

  • Turkish citizenship by registering a company and obtaining a work visa

  • Turkish citizenship through formal and legal employment in Turkish companies

  • Turkish citizenship through education

  • Turkish citizenship through turquoise card

Turkish citizenship through investment

This is the easiest and fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship, which was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 400,000, allowing any foreigner to buy a valuable property. At least $ 400,000 can be obtained for Turkish citizenship for himself and his spouse and children below the age of 18 in less than 6 months, provided that he/she does not sell it for 3 consecutive years, which will be mentioned in the title deed.

Turkish citizenship by bank deposit

According to the laws approved in Turkey, you can get a Turkish passport and citizenship for yourself, your spouse and children under the age of 18 by depositing in Turkish state-owned banks for 3 years in the amount of US $ 500,000 in less than 6 months. During this period, your deposit will receive interest.

Turkish citizenship through marriage

Marriage to a Turkish citizen does not directly acquire Turkish citizenship. Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 consecutive years and whose marriage continues after 3 years and government investigations to prove that the marriage is not fake can apply for Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship through entrepreneurship and employment of 50 single personnel

It is feasible to acquire Turkish citizenship through entrepreneurship and employment of 50 Turkish workers in accordance with the laws changed in Turkey. The employment limit for Turkish citizens has also been reduced from 100 to 50, which must be approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. After passing these steps, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship by registering a company and obtaining a work visa

Turkish citizenship by registering a company and obtaining a work visa You can register a company with a minimum initial capital of 100 thousand liras and start your business in any field and hire 5 Turkish workers formally and legally and obtain a work visa in Turkey for 5 consecutive years. Obtain Turkish citizenship and apply for Turkish citizenship after the deadline.

Turkish citizenship through employment in Turkish companies

You can also be officially employed by having a special profession that is needed in Turkey, which must be deposited in your name by SGK Insurance Company for 5 consecutive years, in which case you can also meet the conditions and get the necessary privileges to obtain Turkish citizenship. It should be noted that this is difficult to find because the taxes and expenses of a foreigner for the employer are high and less employers will be under such responsibility.

Turkish citizenship through education

Numerous cases in this case, which can be said that by studying in Turkey, you can also benefit from the conditions of study in well-esteemed universities in the world, and after completing your studies, apply for Turkish citizenship in such a way that every 2 years Your study in Turkey will be counted for 1 year to obtain citizenship.

We will make this clearer for you with an example

For example: If you have studied in Turkey for 4 years and after 4 years of study you have received 3 years of work residence in Turkey, your 4 years of study will be equivalent to 2 years of work residence and you will have the necessary privileges to obtain citizenship and you will acquire Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship through turquoise card

International Labor Law No. 6735, Articles 11 and 25, stipulates that from 2017, foreigners who have special expertise and skills in the fields of science, art and sports, or who are professional managers and investors, can receive the Turkish Turquoise Card. They are allowed to work and live in Turkey with this card

Why Turkey?
  • Turkey has kept its originality from Asia and its growth and development from Europe, due to its location between the two continents of Asia and Europe.

  • Easy rules compared to European countries is also one of the reasons why Turkey is choses to invest and live

  • Low cost of living and high level of advanced education and welfare system.

  • Ability to register a company and use its benefits and communicate with European countries and dollar income

  • Have a valid bank account and use the international banking system away from sanctions

  • Turkish citizenship through formal and legal employment in Turkish companies

  • A country with a temperate climate

  • Proximity to Iran and easy travel

Rules for obtaining a Turkish passport

According to the new rules, the Turkish government has made it easier for foreigners to apply for Turkish passports and citizenship on 09.09.2018.

Conditions required for Turkish citizenship
  • You must be of legal age

  • If you invest less than $ 400,000, you must have lived in Turkey for at least 5 years with a break of less than 6 months

  • You need to be physically and mentally healthy

  • You must have no criminal record

  • You should be able to speak Turkish at an introductory level

  • If you are not married to a Turkish citizen, you must prove that you can meet your financial needs in Turkey. You can even prove your financial ability through your existing assets or your pension.

  • If you work in Turkey, you must not have worked illegally and worked formally and legally.

  • Moreover, you do not pose any threat to the Turkish people and nation.

Finally, it can be said that if you can show that you are valuable to Turkish culture and society, your chances of becoming a citizen will increase greatly.
Benefits of Turkish Passport
  • By obtaining Turkish citizenship you can travel to 114 countries without a visa.

  • By obtaining Turkish citizenship you can travel to 114 countries without a visa. Due to the proximity of Turkish culture and distance to Iran and also the value of the rial against the lira, this country can be a good place to live and invest for Iranians who intend to invest outside of Iran.

  • And commercially, you can operate in the international arena without any restrictions and open an account in the branches of foreign banks in Turkey or other countries, and international financial fears and Swift have been unlimited for Turkish citizens.

  • With a passport or Turkish citizenship, you can pursue your studies at prestigious universities in the world for free.

  • With a Turkish passport, you can live and work like a Turkish citizen and you will have many benefits that you can enjoy pension programs like a Turkish citizen.

  • You can also get a Schengen visa or a 10-year US visa with a Turkish passport with the least possible risk.

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